Friday, April 6, 2012

Grandma Carm & Grandpa Randy's First Visit!

This is mommy's sister Aunt Jen.

My first headband!

Grandma Carm is so thrilled to have a granddaughter!

She brought me a pink talking kitty.

Grandpa Randy is thrilled too!

Grandpa Ken thinks I'm pretty cute too!

Kisses from my mommy!


  1. So lovely to have such a loving family. xx

  2. welcome precious little one!!! you are gorgeous and a beautiful addition to the world!

    May your life be blessed!

  3. Wow! Just born and she's already a fashion model with that pink headband Pink really suits Kayleigh's colouring, too. You're all going to have a lot of fun dressing up this little one!

    Carm, you look, simply over the moon holding your tiny granddaughter! And the Grampas look so proud.

    Kayleigh's got such kissable cheeks. Lucky Mom that she can kiss them whenever she wants!